PNL Senator claims PSD is secretly negotiating the second largest loan in Romania’s history

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Florin Citu, PNL Senator and Deputy Chairman of the Budget Committee, claims that a Ministry of Finance team is getting prepared to negotiate a very large loan, “the second largest loan in the history of Romania”.

“The Ministry of Public Finances prepares a negotiating team to contract a large loan, the second largest in Romania’s history,” Florin Citu wrote on Facebook, informs.

In his post, the Liberal Senator also says that it is still unclear with which international bodies or banks the loan will be contracted.

“Dragnea and Valcov do not yet tell us wherefrom they will get the loan. IMF+WB+EC (lower interest rates, but tougher reforms and control requested) or a group of private banks with close links with a country recently visited by Liviu Dragnea (sic!)?,” Citu wonders.

Florin Citu also states that these days at the Davos World Economic Forum talks are taking place about the ‘Romanian crisis’.

“Romania is in crisis and there is already talk in the Western environments about the so-called ‘Romanian crisis’ (see the fact that Romania is missing from Davos, the Bulgarians are there). In order to avoid the collapse, Dragnea will take a large loan,” Citu also says.

In the end, Citu asks if the PSD chairman will ask the Romanians if they agree with the loan: “The question you should all ask Liviu Dragnea: Dragnea, are you going to have a referendum before you take this loan (the second largest in the history of Romania)?”


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