PNL strips general mayor of Bucharest, Nicuşor Dan, of political support


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The Bucharest branch of the National Liberal Party (PNL) has unanimously decided to withdraw the political support given to the mayor general Nicuşor Dan, considering that, “despite the support he received, the results of his administration do not meet the expectations of the capital’s inhabitants”.

“Today, it’s been a year since the PNL addressed ten requests, a decalogue (…) to the acting mayor general, Nicuşor Dan. They were not very complicated things, the things that the people of Bucharest need, and I even asked the people of Bucharest (…) what do you think, dear people of Bucharest? Does Nicuşor Dan deserve a second term? Is it worth supporting PNL? (…) 72.63% said that Nicusor Dan does not deserve another mandate. There are 26,000 Bucharesters who answered our question and to whom I thank them, because they put a mirror in front of Nicuşor and I hope he will see and understand it and not take it personally, because in 2020 the decision was the right one, the Firea administration had to be stopped and the PNL made this sacrifice (…) and we did not propose our own candidate, we followed Nicusor’s hand and made him general mayor”, said the leader of PNL Bucharest, Sebastian Burduja, according to a press release.
Burduja also said that, when he took over the management of the Bucharest branch, he also assumed the candidacy for the office of general mayor of the capital.
“After almost 8 years wasted both in waste and in blockages, the Capital needs a new vision, a liberal vision of development. We gathered not so much to ascertain the community’s problems, because they are obvious to millions of Bucharesters, but to think together about the solutions that the Bucharest of the Future needs. The people of Bucharest have made it clear that you cannot administer the city either through the garbage and waste of 2016-2020, nor through the blockages and indifference of 2020-2024. That is why the National Liberal Party is obliged to offer the third way, the winning way for the Bucharest of the Future”, said Sebastian Burduja, on Thursday, during an event entitled “The third way. The winning way for the Bucharest of the Future”.

Burduja also criticized the mandate of Gabriela Firea, which he said was marked by “waste and blunders and incompetence”.
Burduja said that today’s Bucharest “is the consequence of many years of statehood for nothing”.
“We are a city that sits and we are all used to sitting: sitting in traffic, standing still, standing still. (…) You have to take responsibility in politics, including errors, and that’s what we have to do tonight together and define a new path. Something else defines the liberal team from Bucharest and this project, the Bucharest of the future. Because after four years of waste and blunders and incompetence, after another four years of incompetence and carelessness, you need a third way, that’s what the people of Bucharest are asking for. We did a survey on Bucharest: by far, over 70% of Bucharesters said: we want something else, that’s enough, we have too much value in this city! (…) We didn’t have the right people in the right place, this is the curse of the last years and it’s time to change that!”, claimed the PNL Bucharest leader.
He argued that the decision to support the current mayor of the Capital in 2020 “was a correct one”, because “the Firea administration had to be stopped”, but he dubbed the PNL’s decision to support Nicusor Dan as “a sacrifice”.
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  1. Panagiotis Spyridis says

    As a Bucharester, I will tell you why! He has not allowed steeling! He is honest and resists. Shame, but this could open new doors for him.

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