PNL to file a no-confidence vote after February 1st


PNL VP told RFI that she wants the party “to be governing in a constitutional, democratic and transparent manner”.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) will submit a no-confidence motion in the next parliamentary session, said the party’s Vice-president Sulfina Barbu, adding that PNL doesn’t wish for “negotiations behind closed doors for shaping other majorities” and that the party will be governing “in a constitutional manner”.

“I am referring to the two modalities to take over the governing: the no-confidence motion and it is known the fact that in this parliamentary session we no longer have the right to file a no-confidence motion, only in next year’s parliamentary session, after February 1, 2015, we will have the possibility to submit a no-confidence motion. If another parliamentary majority is sketched at this future no-confidence motion, we can then discuss on a PNL-led Government proposal. So far, we have a majority in Parliament supporting the Government led by Mr. Victor Ponta and we do not want negotiations behind closed doors for shaping other majorities. Of course, 2016 being an electoral year, we hope we shall convince the electorate in Romania to give us confidence, to provide us with a majority vote, to allow us to form the Government. I believe it is important that the National Liberal Party has the maturity to look at things considering the Constitution and the elections in Romania. No one excludes the possibility of early elections in 2015, but this is another topic that can be discussed at the appropriate time,” she continued.

“The theme, the moment, will be chosen by the party, depending on the seriousness of Mr. Ponta’s governing and of the Government led by him. But certainly, this tool will be used,” said Barbu, refering to the no-confidence vote.

Asked if PNL is considering some other parties’ support for endorsing the motion, Sulfina Barbu replied: “Certainly, for a no-confidence motion, the first parties considered are those having a similar orientation in terms of doctrine. But it is premature for the time being to discuss this topic.”

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