PNL to sanction its members who cut the meeting of important votes in Parliament. Raluca Turcan: It’s not about Alina Gorghiu

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More and more clashes are visible in the National Liberal Party lately, especially between the old Liberal Party members and the one from the former Democrat Liberal Party (PDL).

On Monday, the PNL National Standing Bureau has unanimously decided that the Liberals who stay away from the important votes in Parliament should be gradually sanctioned. The decision comes after the party’s interim chairwoman Raluca Turcan (photo) has previously slammed the former chairwoman Alina Gorghiu for cutting the meeting of the Senate legal committee that debated the controversial amendments for pardoning the corrupt.

However, Turcan said on Monday that the party leadership’s decision doesn’t report to Alina Gorghiu, but to a “healthy principle”.

The National Standing Bureau has unanimously decided that when our colleagues absent from important votes that prompt high expectations from the public opinions, we shall apply the sanctions stipulated by the party’s statute. The sanctions are gradual ranging from the ban to vote in certain meetings, up to the suspension from the party for certain periods of time,” Turcan announced.

Questioned if she had a discussion with Alina Gorghiu on this topic, Turcan said she would not talk about persons and that she doesn’t refer to Alina Gorghiu.

Even if there is a huge feast to title <Turcan is fighting with Gorghiu> I am not referring to Alina Gorghiu here, I refer to a principle. If we don’t observe this principle, PNL will find harder and harder to say that it’s different from PSD,” the interim chairwoman argued.

Predoiu asks Busoi to step aside from the secretary general position

On the other hand, the candidates racing for the party’s chairmanship started the unofficial internal electoral campaign.

One of the candidates, first vice-president Catalin Predoiu (former PDL) asked the third candidate joining the race Cristian Busoi to step aside from the current position in the party, the one of secretary general, saying that he cannot be “both player and referee”.

I asked him to give up the secretary general position for this would be right and honest. I won’t make a topic out of it. He said he would contemplated and announced the decision,” Predoiu said on Monday.

Cristian Busoi has indeed confirmed he would contemplate Predoiu’s request, yet mentioning that the organization committee is managing the internal elections and not the party’s secretary general.

There are three candidates contending for the PNL chairmanship so far: Ludovic Orban, Cătălin Predoiu and Cristian Buşoi.

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