PNL-UDMR negotiations for Ciuca Cabinet. Kelemen: We agree to go on. Citu: There is no prearranged deal with PSD

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The chairman of UDMR, Kelemen Hunor, met PNL leader Florin Citu, on Friday, at the PNL headquarters to discuss on the new PM designate Nicolae Ciucă and on forming the new Government. “We have discussed whether we can continue to govern, and the answer has been yes,” Kelemen Hunor said at the end of the talks.

In his turn, PNL chair Florin Cîțu stated that, the PM designate will most probably will come up with the government in Parliament for the investiture vote next week, on Thursday.

We did not discuss the structure and portfolios. We discussed whether we could continue governing and the answer was yes. We discussed the governing program and worked with our colleagues to complete the current program. Tomorrow, the teams will meet to agree on the ruling program. We discuss the structure of the government after the program is ready,” said Kelemen Hunor.

Liberal leader Florin Cîțu said that there are six ministries that are being discussed with UDMR. He said the investiture vote for the new government would take place next week. “The calendar, tomorrow’s government program and after the portfolios. Wednesday, committees and vote on Thursday. There are six ministries in question, we’ll see how we share them. The energy crisis and the health crisis are short-term priorities “, said Cîțu.

PM designate Ciuca is also to meet PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu today.

“Negotiation for a majority is the PM’s responsibility in order to secure a majority at the parliament’s vote. There will be talks with USR as well for this endorsement in Parliament. There is no prearranged deal with PSD (…) USR has the chance to vote this government. We are here today because USR voted one of PSD’ censure motions”, said Florin Cîțu.

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