PNL urges Gov’t to suspend the enforcement of amendments to laws of justice

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PNL Chairman, Ludovic Orban, has urged the Government of Wednesday to suspend the enforcement of amendments to the laws of justice, following the debates by the European Parliament regarding the rule of law in Romania.

“The debates today in the European Parliament plenary has clearly revealed the Government’s incapacity to present arguments justifying the PSD-ALDE approaches against the independence of judiciary, the rule of law and the Romanians’ liberties,” Orban said.

He said that the EC First Vice-President, Frans Timmermans, has given a chance to Romania to avoid sanctions, by meeting the demands and requests included in the CVM reports.

“Under the circumstances, I repeat the request, the first thing the political power can do is to suspend the enforcement of amendments to the laws of justice. It is the top priority until the final report from the Venice Commission and the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism report. I also request to complete the laws with the opinions from the two institutions,” the PNL release reads.

Ludovic Orban pleaded for a less hostile attitude from the Romanian officials in relation with the EC representatives and says the PSD-ALDE coalition is damaging the country’s image.

He recalled that PNL had asked for the Venice Commission’s opinion regarding the amendments to the laws of justice and the Criminal Codes, whereas PSD-ALDE repeatedly refused the request.

Orban warns that, in the current context, there is the risk that ‘procedures could be started against Romania.’



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