PNL, USR file new simple motion against JusMin

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The main opposition parties in Parliament, PNL and USR, have filed a new simple motion against Justice Minister Tudorel Toader, this time in Senate, after the one rejected in the Chamber of Deputies the past weeks. The two parties ask the minister to give up the justice laws amendments, arguing they affect the rule of law and to support the abolition of the special section investigating magistrates. “Don’t turn into the devil’s advocate by pleading for the ruling power’s abuses“, PNL and USR argue.

There have been two years since you have been holding the Justice portfolio (…) The chaos in the judiciary, ignoring all law experts’ advice and the voice of the public opinion, denying press accreditation for journalists, the double standard speech that you are using before the national and the European institutions are serious errors, unforgivable for any dignitary,” the motion reads.
The opposition wants the Justice minister to be held responsible for submitting the recent emergency ordinance drafts to amend the criminal codes and the provisions regarding the appeal in annulment.
After many other bills related to the judiciary systems, drafted in the past two years and against which great part of judges and prosecutors have protested and still protest, now you are ready for a new blow against the criminal law system: the recent GEO drafts to amend the criminal codes and the one that allows people who have final rulings to file appeals in annulment against the sentences ruled by the High Court’s judge panels“, the motion draft argues.
PNL and USR also slam minister Toader for unjustifiably delaying the interviews to designate Romania’s candidates for the upcoming European Prosecutor’s Office.
We know that you are be the current ruling power’s side, Mr. Toader, but this is no honour for you, because, you are a technocrat above all (…)
You got no conscience at all that, due to the lack of professionalism, of bad faith and obedience to Liviu Dragnea, Romania’s President has launched the idea of a referendum to endorse a real reform of justice? Do the citizens of this state need to come and tell you to do your job?”, the motion mentions.

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