PNL, USR-PLUS leaders welcome victory. Nicusor Dan: I am happier for your joy than for my owns


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Nicusor Dan, the big winner of the Bucharest elections, has stated in a press conference after the exit polls, thanking Bucharesters who came out to polls on Sunday.

“I thank Bucharesters who voted today, for giving me credit despite the dirty campaign against me. Thanks to my partners in USR, PLUS and PNL. I thank to the volunteers who teamed up for my campaigns in 2012, 2016 and 2020. You know, I am happier for you joy than for my owns. I assure Bucharesters that we will start the change for better of the public administration.

Bucharest has hardworking, creative people, who succeeded in the private and academic sectors and with a proper administration Bucharest can only thrive.

I assure Bucharesters we’ll collaborate with them. The Capital City Hall cannot be run in a Ceasescu-like style.

I want you to get used from now on with the idea that the city hall is your partner. I inked a partnership with PNL and USR-PLUS and I can assure you this partnership will go on.

I assure Bucharesters who did not vote for us that Bucharest is their Bucharest as well to the same extent.

I call all of you to be partners in the construction of the new Bucharest“, Nicusor Dan stated.


PNL chairman, PM Ludovic Orban hailed the results of the local elections, saying “it is the first time after the 1989 Revolution till today, after 30 years that PNL is scoring a clear victory in the local elections and is beating PSD without appeal”.

Orban added that “Romanians have proved an exemplary spirit, have obeyed all sanitary rules and have endured the queuing that has arisen from the need to protect our health”.

It is a victory that, let’s be honest, very few were expecting (…) Bucharesters have insisted to set Bucharest free from the PSD octopus.”

USR leader Dan Barna said in his turn that the results of the local elections show that “the revolution of the good governance is starting” in Romania.

“The results in Bucharest confirm that the force that is fighting with PSD is USR-PLUS”, Barna said, adding that, according to the preliminary results, USR has 3,000 councilmen across Romania.

PSD chairman Marcel Ciolacu said that PNL ranks third in Bucharest in Bucharest, while PSD ranks first on political vote, practically “doubling the result from the European elections. Asked who’s Gabriela Firea’s future in PSD after she had lost elections, Ciolacu replied that “she is an outstanding politician and her place is in the PSD’s frontline.”

The incumbent mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea has not joined the PSD leaders for the joint press conference at the party’s main HQs in Kiseleff, but sent a video message recorded, while alone, at the PSD’s HQ in Baneasa. She claimed that the exit polls results “do not mean that we have winners and losers”.

“Traditionally, we’ll know the real results of elections in the morning,” Firea said, denouncing an “ugly and degrading electoral campaign made against her be the candidate of the almost united right wing”, as well as “the manipulation” made by  the right wing parties on the Bucharest’s ring road, hot water and pollution”.

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