PNL will ask the Ombudsman to challenge to CCR the charging of part-time contracts

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At the end of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Executive Committee on Monday, party chairman Ludovic Orban has announced it was decided to notify the Ombudsman in order to challenge to the Constitutional Court (CCR) the government ordinance reading that, for the part-time contracts, employers should pay in full the social security contributions for pension and health (CAS and CASS) at the level of minimum wage, reports.

“We believe that, by adopting this ordinance, the Constitution was violated in several issues. We know organic laws cannot be amended by simple ordinances and the Tax Code is an organic law. Furthermore, the Tax Code itself was violated – it reads that any tax and constitution amendment should come into force as of January 1 and to be in force at least one year. This is what the Tax Code reads, they have amended the code without amending this very provision,” Ludovic Orban said.

Orban added the simple ordinance also violates an article in the Constitution stating that the contributions should be fair, however the liberals believe that paying the CAS and CASS at the same level as the full-time employees is a different issue.

PNL’s Orban announced last Saturday that his party will notify the Ombudsman for an exception of unconstitutionality regarding the amendment brought to the Tax Code.

Orban made an appeal to the businessmen to challenge the new tax decisions in court.


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