PNL won’t submit any PM proposal at Cotroceni. Orban: A new parliamentary majority is hard to achieve. PMP proposes Traian Basescu

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The National Liberal Party has decided to go to the consultations held at Cotroceni presidential palace without a PM proposal, with sources revealing that the Liberals are staying in opposition. PNL chairman Ludovic Orban (photo) has stated that no parliamentary majority can be made to allow a Liberal ruling programme. Orban also said that PNL would veto any PSD Gov’t and will submit a PM proposal after the consultations with President Iohannis, if necessary.

The National Liberal Party chairman met the executive chairman of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) on Monday morning to discuss the possibility of setting up a majority in Parliament that could endorse a right wing premier.

Parliamentary sources revealed that PNL chairman Ludovic Orban met PMP executive leader Eugen Tomac to see if the right wing parties could form a parliamentary majority to submit a PM proposal at the consultations with president Iohannis this afternoon.

Orban confirmed he held talks with the opposition parties to form a new parliamentary majority, yet stating that this goal is very hard to achieve.

I had talks with the representatives of some political parties, others than PSD (….) There have been talks with chairmen, executive chairmen (…) Some are willing to endorse a PNL majority, other aren’t (…) Setting up a new parliamentary majority is very hard at the moment,” Orban said. He added he met PMP representatives and not with chairman Traian Basescu.

On the other hand, PMP proposed Traian Basescu for the premier seat.

Last week on Thursday, Ludovic Orban said that he would discuss including with ALDE in the attempt of forming a majority in Parliament that would cut PSD out of the ruling.

PMP chair Traian Basescu said on Sunday evening that if Liberals don’t nominate a candidate for the PM seat during Monday’s consultations, PMP will do it, as president Iohannis should have the chance to analyse more options, not only the one submitted by PSD-ALDE.

Last week, Basescu had said that president Iohannis knows how “to count” and that under the current circumstances, the PM seat should be given to the Liberals.

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