PNL’s Orban says parties must support amendments to Constitution according to the referendum

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PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban argues all political parties should very clearly express support for amending the Constitution and the legal framework in accordance with the will expressed by the citizens in the referendum called by President Klaus Iohannis.

Orban added on Thursday that his party will attend the consultations called by the head of state at Cotroceni Palace.

The liberal leader said he has summoned on Monday the PNL National Political Bureau to establish the delegation and the mandate for consultations.

“For us any initiative to amend the Constitution and the laws to enforce the will expressed by the citizens is zero priority,” Ludovic Orban said.

PNL has been fully involved in the campaign for referendum, Orban said.

“I convey a message to all politicians from other parties. Do not dare not to enforce the citizens’ will, expressed by the sovereign people in the referendum. It is mandatory for everyone. I draw the attention that any attempt to boycott the enforcement of the referendum results is unconstitutional and will throw you out of the political scene. The President has very well decided to summon parties for consultations. The political parties have to clearly express support to amend the Constitution and the legal framework in order to guarantee the will expressed by the citizens,” Ludovic Orban said.

President Klaus Iohannis announced on Thursday he has decided to summon parliamentary parties on Tuesday and Wednesday in order to enforce the referendum’s results on justice issues.

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