PNL’s Orban says some ALDE MPs would support his party… as of this autumn

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PNL chairman Ludovic Orban said he has had talks with some ALDE MPs, who agree with the reproaches to the Government, but say they would support his party as of this autumn. Orban argues their position will be seen at the coming censure motion vote.

“When you speak with 90% of the ALDE members, they say they are ashamed their party is going along with PSD, nevertheless there is a long way to the censure motion,” Ludovic Orban said Thursday evening for B1 TV private broadcaster.

“They said: we will support you as of this autumn, not now, although I told them we need them now. In the autumn they will say, support after the presidential election. It is an excuse for some, the ones who don’t have the courage to do what is needed. I told them that at the EP election we won more votes than PSD and ALDE altogether, you’ve been invalidated by the citizens. If you do not act according to the citizens’ will, you have no chance to be rescued. You are nowhere. You may be in office for one year and a half, afterwards you go home,” Orban said.

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