PNL’s Turcan welcomes PSD-PLUS call for political coordination, on several conditions

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PNL Deputies’ head Raluca Turcan has answered the USR-PLUS call for political coordination of the Opposition, saying any initiative of this kind is welcome on certain conditions.

USR and PLUS leaders, Dan Barna and Dacian Ciolos, launched an appeal to all political forces on Thursday in view of cooperation which should lead to finding solutions to the failed governance of the current parliamentary majority and for preparing a viable alternative to governance in 2020.

Shortly after making public the initiative, Raluca Turcan wrote on Facebook that any negotiation should not start with discussions on positions and false topics.

“I argue for many years that the fragmentation of Opposition is the best support for PSD and its proxy ALDE. We should all make sure than we understand the huge damage to Romania PSD and ALDE are managing. PSD and ALDE will leave Romania full of debts, with huge problems in all fields and politicized administration, burdened by thousands of party companies owned by the local barons that affect the public budgets. The country will need money after a governance of predators. Only a right-wing governance, oriented towards development, growth and modernization may generate the resources, after PSD has drained out the country of money and mixed up all fields. So, I believe a political agreement should not start with negotiations on positions, but with discussions on values and common objectives. (…) We need a firm governance, with precise objectives to modernize the health system, education, to stimlate foreign investments, to cut down red tape in relation with the state, besides the many decisions to mend the bad things made by the PSD and ALDE in economy and justice,” Raluca Turcan wrote.

The PNL representative also wrote that it is important to have the same approach on foreign relations, with the EU and the US as strategic partner of Romania.

Turcan concludes by saying that a first signal could be the signing of the draft to amend the Constitution for transposing the referendum’s results.

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