Political moves – PNL approaches PMP, ALDE is looking for liberal deserters

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Political sources say the National Liberal Party (PNL) has approached the People’s Movement Party (PMP) for parliamentary cooperation and even in view of merger. PMP is reportedly in turmoil following the rumours that some PMP MPs are negotiating with liberal chairman Ludovic Orban in view of cooperation, as former lawmaker Gelu Visan said, antena3.ro informs.

It’s not the first time rumours about a merger surface. Currently, PMP has 25 MPs – 8 senators and 17 deputies, whereas the ones ready to make a move are those unhappy with Traian Basescu’s dictatorial style. However, it looks like the liberals have forwarded a condition – they are likely to cooperate with PMP, not with Traian Basescu. In such circumstances, PMP would have to get rid of the former president, not an easy task.

On the other hand, PNL would like even better to get some PMP deserters to fill in the liberal’s current ‘wealth’ – 99 MPs, i.e. 69 deputies and 30 senators.

In another development, antena3.ro sources say ALDE is trying to get some MPs from PNL. The first talks on this issue took place before the censure motion that toppled Sorin Grindeanu cabinet and when rumours said 7 PNL MPs would leave the party to join ALDE – it didn’t happen. Nevertheless, some sources say negotiations are ongoing. For ALDE any gain would be important, as it lost 6 deputies before the censure motion and has only 24 MPs.

Last but not least, other rumours say former PSD leader Victor Ponta, ousted from the party, is trying to convince some social-democrat lawmakers to join the new political party he is ready to set up together with Daniel Constantin. Rumours say ten PSD senators and deputies would leave the party led by Liviu Dragnea (currently PSD has 152 deputies and 67 senators).

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