Politician from Giurgiu publicly looking for girlfriend. Find out his standards

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Politician from Giurgiu, looking for girlfriend”. This what Marius Crăcea, the leader of the city organization of the People’s Movement Party from Giurgiu announced during a press conference after also informing he is getting ready for the electoral campaign to run for the city hall.

Crăcea told journalists that people are not destined to be alone and that his ideal is to have an attractive and intelligent girlfriend who should work in the judiciary system.

“My brief notice can be summed up: politician from Giurgiu looking for girlfriend. Local elections are drawing near and, even if this party was not my first option, I have to be ready from all points of view. People are not made to be alone, and a woman can say a lot about her man. I hope to become the ideal candidate running for Giurgiu city hall, with the help of the mass media. I would say it is ideal that my future girlfriend should work in the judiciary system, at the tribunal, in a court or within a prosecutor’s office, but this condition would be too restrictive. So, the basic criteria is she should be attractive and intelligent,” the aspirant for the mayor position said.

He transmitted to all ”interested” women they can get in touch with him on Facebook or can leave their contact details at the party’s HQs.

Asked by the journalists if he wants to get married, Crăcea said he had seen the 2016 horoscope that forecast success in his career and that he will get married.

After his notice, he received over 200 friendship requests from various women on Facebook.

However, despite the great outlooks on his personal life, the leader of PMP local branch seems not to face such a promising future in politics as well, as he has just been informed he would be expelled from the People’s Movement Party, according to hotnews.ro.

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