Poll on Bucharest City Hall: Piedone ranks first


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A new opinion poll carried out by Avangarde commissioned by Digi24 places the current mayor of Sector 5 in Bucharest, Cristian Popescu Piedone, in the position of second-in-command in the electoral race for the seat currently occupied by Nicușor Dan. The latter, but also the joint candidate of the PNL-PSD, the doctor Cătălin Cârstoiu, is in the 2nd and 3rd places.

Cristian Popescu Piedone, the candidate supported by the PPUSL (Humanist Social Liberal Party), would attract the majority of Bucharest’s votes for the position of general mayor, according to a survey that confirms a previously observed trend.

Two weeks ago, in another poll ordered by the current mayor himself, Piedone was still in first place in the voting options of the Capital’s residents.

Meanwhile, doctor Cătălin Cîrstoiu entered the electoral race, and he is in the third position according to Avangarde data, with 16% of the voting intention. Piedone is credited with 42%, and Nicușor Dan with 30%, according to Digi24.

In the previous poll of Nicușor Dan, who is supported by the United Right Alliance (ADU), the presumed candidate from the PNL-PSD alliance was Sebastian Burduja.

Mihai Enache, the AUR candidate, also enters the top, with 10%. He would recover ground, however, in the scenario in which Piedone does not run for mayor. In this case, Nicușor Dan is the favorite (41%), followed by Cătălin Cîrstoiu (29%) and Enache, the latter collecting only 2% less than the PNL-PSD candidate. 

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