Poll: Ponta, in the lead


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PM Victor Ponta keeps the front-runner position in the presidential race, at least for Bucharest voters, a CSCI poll quoted by Agerpres reveals. According to the survey, if presidential elections are held next Sunday, PSD-PC-UNPR candidate will get 37 per cent of Bucharest residents, while ACL contender Klaus Iohannis will get 29 per cent. Independents take the next positions. C?lin Popescu Tariceanu comes third, gaining 11 per cent of he votes and Teodor Melescanu comes along with 7 per cent. Elena Udrea (PMP) will get 6 per cent, independent Monica Macovei – 5 per cent, while Dan Diaconescu and Corneliu Vadim Tudor are coming ‘neck and neck’ with mere 2 per cent. In the runoff, Ponta will get the support of 53 per cent of the Capital voters, while his opponent Iohannis will gather 47 per cent of the votes.

The same poll also shows that Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu is ranking first in the confidence chart, with 39 per cent, followed by Victor Ponta with 35 per cent and Klaus Iohannis with 30 per cent. The opinion poll was conducted during October 9-3 in Bucharest.

INSCOP survey also gives Ponta in the lead. Asked who they think is going to win presidential elections, 57.2 per cent of those who confirmed they would go to the polls answered that Victor Ponta would win elections and 33.5 per cent think Klaus Iohannis will be the winner. At the same time 41.8 per cent of those voters consider that the incumbent premier is most suitable for the President position, while 29.7 per cent pointed out Iohannis for that.

Males, keener to go to the polls than females

61.1 per cent of men have confirmed they will go to the polls in the first round of the presidential elections, while 56.9 per cent of women will cats their vote, the INSCOP poll ordered by ‘Adevarul’ daily early October also shows. Out of 59 per cent of the respondents to go to the polls, 50.8 per cent are males and 49.2 per cent are females. 51.4 per cent of them are living town ward while 48.6 per cent are form the countryside. 48.2 per cent of those who say they will definitely cast their vote on November 2 are living in Muntenia-Oltenia- Dobrogea-Bucharest, 30.1 per cent are coming from Transylvania-Banat-Crisana-Maramures and 21.7% from Moldova-Bukovina.




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