Ponta misses Antonescu, former PNL leaders says PM’s just “sentimental”


Social Democrat leader, PM Victor Ponta quoted his former alliance partner, Crin Antonescu on Monday, confessing to journalists he misses Antonescu.

“<How can I help?>, as Crin used to say,” Ponta told journalist who were expecting him to make statements after the ruling coalition’s sitting.

Questioned if he misses Crin Antonescu, Ponta admitted. “Yes, I miss Crin….I am quoting him and…that’s why. It seems that he used to say:< How can I help you?>,” Ponta argued.

He was also asked if the Social Liberal Union has split in court, too. “No, as far as I know,” Ponta answered. He avoided mentioning what happened to USL debts. “Please, ask the secretaries general of the two parties about that,” Ponta said.

In retort, former Liberal president Crin Antonescu, Ponta’s ex-alliance partner said that PSD leader is “a sentimental” and belongs to the type of persons who “are coming through reality more difficultly, but who have a rick imagination” instead.

“No doubt he is a sentimental. Don’t joke about these people, as great artists, great poets are recruited among them. They maybe come through reality more difficultly, but have a rich imagination, they are kind and make our life more beautiful,” Antonescu replied.

On the other hand, Antonescu reiterated his wish to retire from politics at the end of this MP term.

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