Pope Francis accepts invitation to visit Romania. President Iohannis offers as gifts engraving, gold coin

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Pope Francis has accepted on Friday President Klaus Iohannis’s invitation to visit Romania at a date that will be subsequently agreed upon, informs the Presidential Administration. “The President of Romania formally invited His Holiness to visit Romania. The invitation was accepted with pleasure, and the date of the visit will be subsequently established via diplomatic channels,” the cited source said.

President Klaus Iohannis was received in Vatican by Pope Francis on Friday, with the Romanian head of state offering the pontiff an engraving with Sibiu city and a gold coin marking the commemoration of 2,000 years of Christianity.

Klaus Iohannis has visited on Thursday the pavilions of Romania, Italy and the Vatican from the Expo Milano 2015, and had a short talk with Giuseppe Sala, the Commissioner general of the world exhibition.

About Romania’s Pavilion, Iohannis said that, although not an imposing appearance through size, it impresses through its concept, which seamlessly fits with the theme of the world exhibition.

“This combination between an ultramodern presentation on large flat screens and architecture that pleasantly brings to mind the rural architecture of the Delta is a combination I like. (…) The target of the exhibition is 20 million visitors and the tickets sold for the next period already near 11 million. On my way here I saw a very large number of visitors who are eager to see what happens in the world. I hope that an impressive number thereof get to see what happens in Romania too, in the most positive sense,” Iohannis said, as quoted by Agerpres.

Later on in the day, while meeting the Romanian community in Milan, the head of state voiced dissatisfaction over the latest developments in the design and approval of a draft piece of legislation for postal voting, arguing that the process is slouching and that he will discuss the matter with the political parties again and any time necessary to move the process forward.

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