Preparations for the EU Summit in Sibiu in 2019, in full swing

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27 European heads of state and of government, 36 official delegations, 400 high-ranking guests and around 800 journalists are some of the participants expected to attend the EU Summit due in Sibiu next year. Preparations have already started, with the Sibiu City Hall set as the main host.

At least once a month, the local and European authorities meet to fix things related to organizing the event that will take place on Europe’s Day, on May 9.

The first EU Summit after Brexit will be hosted by the Sibiu City Hall, where the event will mainly unfold. Other events in the program will also take place in other locations such as: the Big Square, Small Square and the Huet Square.

Representatives of the EC’s Directorate‑General for Interpretation, led by the logistics and technical coordinator, Marguerite Lely, have visited the locations where the summit will take place.

The representatives of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and of the Protection and Guard Service will supervise the preparations. A designer appointed by the Foreign Ministry will take care of the details to decorate the meeting halls. The public TV, TVR, will be the broadcaster of the event.

Authorities will still have to decide the accommodation locations for the delegations, the access ways and routed to the event’s locations.

At the same time, over 100 interpreters are expected to come for the summit.

In September last year, EC President Jean-Claude Juncker announced that the first EU Summit after UK leaves the Union will take place in Romania, in Sibiu. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis has stated later on that the informal meeting will take place on Europe’s Day, May 9.

Romania will take over the EU Council President in the first semester of next year, namely starting January 1, 2019, and will hold it for six months.

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