Presidency releases list with former dignitaries stripped of decorations following their criminal convictions

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As announced a day earlier, the Presidency has released today the full list with all former dignitaries and public figures stripped of their decorations due to their criminal convictions. The list is opened by former SocDem PM Adrian Nastase, with other 12 famous names on it. President Klaus Iohannis has signed the decree withdrawing these distinctions from Adrian Nastase, Gheorghe Bucur, Miron Mitrea, Dorinel Mihai Mucea, Gheorghe Mencinicopschi,  Emilian Cutean, Adrian Severin,  Dan Voiculescu, Ionel Manțog, Mircia Muntean, Anghel Gh. Cristian,  Irina Paula Jianu.

They were convicted for various deeds, and served jail time and legally had lost their state distinctions and other rights and benefits.

Among the rights they were entitled to, there were the right to attend receptions at Cotroceni Palace, to have state funerals with military honours and to receive a burial spot free of any charge.

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