Presidency slams the 2019 budget: ‘Funds should go to real investments, not to the party gang’

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The budget law for 2019 has reached the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on Wednesday, with the President’s spokeswoman convening a press conference and stating that the budget proposed for 2019 by the Dancila Government is not sustainable, with the funds being allotted for the interests of the party gang.

The unexplained delay of the budget is actually revealing the lack of a solution of the PSD Government for the real problems of the citizens. A government that has repeatedly proven its limits, a Government of imposture, of incompetence, who failed also this important test <with flying colours>, the one of drafting a credible, sustainable budget focused on the Romanians’ needs”, said the spokeswoman Madalina Dobrovolschi, adding that President Iohannis will announce his decision regarding the budget law in the upcoming days.

President Iohannis is warning one more time that the state budget for 2019 is not destined to Romania’s progress and growth, but to the PSD’s welfare. The budget, tailored from the PSD imagination based on some exaggeratedly optimistic figures, represents a new proof of the irresponsibility and of the wrong way that Social Democrats have decided to govern Romania”, said the President’s spokesperson.

PM Viorica Dancila had asked the President on Tuesday „to drop the electoral campaign rhetoric” and to promulgate the budget law as soon as possible, „so that children can benefit of the increase of child allowances”. The Government adopted in its Tuesday sitting an emergency ordinance to regulate the doubling of the child allowances, an initiative that had been actually belonged to the Opposition.

Despite the numerous warnings on the sustainability, PSD has moved ahead with this budget, as a small group at the helm of this party has decided (…) the 2019 state budget is cutting corners from the most basic legality conditions (…) It has been drafted not according to Romania’s priorities, but according to the PSD needs to allot funds on a discretionary basis, for its own political benefit to provide resources for its own clientele. President Iohannis underlines that the budget voted by the majority ruling coalition is scattered with surrealistic projections and doesn’t take into account the economic background”, Dobrovolschi pointed out, while stressing the budget has zero investments for certain areas, but entails large sums for the parties’ subsidies.

On the other hand, high-priority sectors such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, are still facing under-financing in 2019 as well (…) At the same time, PSD proves a crass indifference to the disabled people, who are not left in the charge of local authorities, but with no necessary funds allotted. This would affect hundreds of thousands of families”.


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