Presidency: The ambassadors of the EU states, concerned over Criminal Procedure Code amendments

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The ambassadors of the EU member states have voiced their concern over the amendments operated on the Criminal Procedure Code in the Romanian Parliament, the Presidency told a press release, after President Iohannis had met them on Tuesday.

Within the meeting, the ambassadors of the EU member states have voiced their concern over the amendments on the Criminal Procedure Code that had been adopted by the Romanian Parliament (our note: on Monday evening). In their view, to the extent that these amendments are enforced, the cooperation on the judiciary and police fields between Romania and the other member states will be affected. At the same time, there will be serious doubts over the guarantees provided by the Romanian state regarding the correct use of the European funds that our country benefits of,” reads the press release.

During the discussion on the internal developments, Romania’s President referred to the need of enhancing democracy and the rule of law, as essential elements for the future path of our country.

“President Klaus Iohannis underlined that he would keep on following the major goal assumed since he has assumed office, to guarantee the independence of justice and to continue the fight against corruption. Romania’s President has expressed the conviction that the Romanian citizens deserve pragmatic laws that could contribute to the reinforcement of the justice independence and to guarantee that the rule of law is functioning, in compliance with the European values,” the Presidency stated.

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