Presidency: The statements of Trans-Dniester’s separatist leader are part of a ‘provocative rhetoric’

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Romanian Presidency spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolski (photo) stated on Thursday evening, referring to the decree signed by the separatist leader in Tiraspol to join Russia, that such actions are part of a “provocative rhetoric” in the context of the so-called presidential elections in the region and that a “restrained attitude” is needed.

“We consider the statements as part of a provocative rhetoric, in the context of the so-called presidential elections in December in the Trans-Dniester region. In this context a restrained attitude and a responsible approach is needed on the issue in order to avoid the artificial escalation of tensions,” spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolski said.

Romania reaffirms its “firm position” for a negotiated, political solution in the Trans-Dniester file, with fully respect of R. of Moldova’s sovereignty and integrity.

“Progress is needed in the 5+2 format negotiations, which is the sole framework for identifying solutions, Romania supports the efforts of the acting OSCE Presidency in this regard,” the source said.

The television channel of the Trans-Dniester separatist region of Moldova reported on Thursday that the region’s leader Yevgeny Shevchuk has signed a decree saying it should join Russia, in line with the results of a referendum a decade ago.

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