President advises candidates to focus on projects instead of filth in upcoming local elections


President Klaus Iohannis convened a press conference at Cotroceni Palace on Thursday evening to deliver a message to the candidates in the local elections. He asked them to conduct a clean campaign and to focus on projects instead of scandals. The Romanian head of state also urged the administrations to do their job and organise the June ballot impeccably.

I am telling candidates: Keep your campaign clean! Go and present your electoral platforms, talk to the people, find out what their problems are, come up with solutions! Focus your campaign on projects, instead of scandal or filth,” Iohannis said at Cotroceni Palace.

He asked the administrations to do their duty and organise the elections in an impeccable manner. “To the administration I am just saying: Do your duty! Do your duty and organise the ballot impeccably!” was the President’s message.

He said that parties are not all the same. “Some candidates will come and say that all parties are the same. It’s not true. I personally asked parties to reform themselves. Some started doing it seriously, others are just miming,” the President argued.

Klaus Iohannis called on Romanians to go to the polls, while advising the voters to choose an honest candidate who has no legal problems.

Pay attention to the candidates and think if your favorite one is an honest man who doesn’t fall foul with the law, if he is a good manager,” the President stated.

Follow the election campaign, go to electoral assemblies, ask your candidate how he or she sees local development, ask uncomfortable questions, evaluate him or her, and in the end please go to polls. Every four years the destiny of your area resides in your vote. Use this vote!,” Iohannis concluded.

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