President ahead EU summit in Sibiu: We are in a complicated situation, after 2 years of failed PSD ruling

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President Klaus Iohannis has stated that Romania will be the Capital of Europe tomorrow, as Europe is coming to Sibiu for the EU informal summit. The head of state argued that the summit must not be perceived as an isolated event, but in a wider European context, of the EP elections.

The summit is important for it will prove Romanians that Romania does matter in Europe, that Romanians’ vote does count not only in Romania, but also in Europe,” Klaus Iohannis said.

He further pointed out that the campaign for the EP elections, for the referendum does matter as well, contradicting “certain politicians that claim that the European elections and the referendum don’t count too much”.

On the contrary, they do matter. Romanians have the chance to express their option, we are in a complicated period for Europe and for Romania, too, we are after two years and a half of failed PSD ruling. The Social Democrats have talked about highways, hospitals, kindergartens, they achieved nothing, they have just attacked the rule of law, the independence of justice, they managed to show Romania’s ugly face to Europe, it’s a pity for Romanians have worked hard,” the head of state added.

Klaus Iohannis attended the “Europe’s Future” Conference, as well as Executive Bureau Meeting of the National Liberal Party in Sibiu on Wednesday.

Later on Wednesday, President Iohannis told TVR public broadcaster that Romanians want to be part of the European Union, and the message delivered at the summit will be one for unity despite there are politicians whose only aim is to solve their legal problems and have an anti-European message.

We also have populist leaders, famous people, who have a rather anti-European speech against foreigners, it’s a pity. Romania deserves a pro-European speech. Romanians don’t want to leave Europe. There is this populism saying that Europe is not the right solution, that EU must be disbanded, that EU prompts national issues. And we have to withstand certain politicians who, maybe with the aim of cleaning their files, have put the entire judiciary at ease. We have this unfortunate debate on the rule of law in Romania. There are politicians who want something else, to not be held accountable for their deeds. What is the Romanians’ fault? They want a European, prosperous country,” the head of state argued.

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