President asked the Prosecutor General to quickly address Kovesi’s PhD case. No resignation needed

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President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday night that we should talk about no resignation in Kovesi’s case as long as there is no hint she would have plagiarized her PhD thesis.

“I don’t think we should talk about a resignation as long as, for now, there is no hint she would have plagiarized. If things take a different turn, we can resume this discussion, but for now there is no reasons for concern,” the president said when asked if he considers that the DNA’s head resignation is needed.

Iohannis also said he had talked to the Romania’s Prosecutor General and asked him to quickly solve this case. “I believe the General Prosecutor’s Office should deal with this case very quickly and I had a discussion with the Prosecutor General and I asked him to take care that this check should be quickly addressed,” the President explained.

“I also talked to Mrs. Kovesi (…) asking her how she sees those charges, she reiterated that she doesn’t feel she is guilty in any way and then I was quite edified,” the head of state added.

Universitatea de Vest of Timisoara (UVT) will review the thesis of DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi following the scandal started by MP Sebastian Ghita’s self-denouncement to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Sebastian Ghita made a self-denunciation to the Prosecutor General’s Office on Tuesday claiming that he, along with other dignitaries, attended the falsification of the technical expertise of Laura Codruţa Kovesi’s PhD thesis.

In response to the MP’s allegations, Kovesi claims she did not plagiarize and that the statements made by the deputy will be subject to CSM verification for impairing judicial independence.

Moreover, Kovesi explained why she is not going to ask CNATDCU to re-view her PhD thesis.

“I was checked in 2012 by the National Committee of Ethics, I was heard in a committee rejoining several professors, I went to the hearings and I brought evidence, a final verdict has been given four years ago. My thesis is correct and I have all evidence. One of the evidence is my marriage certificate. I am being accused that Laura Codruta Kovesi has plagiarized Codruta Lascu. It’s a thesis for which I have worked seven years, I have many articles published and you’ll see them in my dissertation. It is me having a correct thesis that should go and say <Check this thesis!>, when I know it’s correct… He who contests it should make a notification,” the DNA head told Europa FM several days ago.

President asks for more expedience for older cases

Klaus Iohannis stated that he had a meeting with the Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar and asked him to take all actions to introduce more expedience in investigations, arguing there “extremely old” files such as the ones related to the Revolution of 1989 or the miners’ riot.

“I had a meeting with the Prosecutor General here at Cotroceni and I asked him to take all actions to introduce more expedience in investigations. It’s very simple; we have old files, I am thinking about the miners’ riot or the Revolution cases, who is guilty. When I talk about guilt, I refer to those people who broke the law, not to a historical guilt. It’s not the historians’ business yet. For now, it’s the prosecutors who have to decide the guilt, and those who made mistake will pay,” Iohannis stated.

He pointed out that he had also asked the Prosecutor General to take all steps so that investigations should be conducted more quickly to send the cases in court.

However, in retort, the president of the National Union of Judges in Romania, Dana Garbovan, said that if the President referred to punctual files, then his request “was absolutely unusual”.


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