President asks for reexamination of ban on advertising for drugs on radio, TV

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On Saturday, President Klaus Iohannis asked for the reexamination of the law banning explicit advertisements for drugs on radio and television, arguing the draft is conflicting with the European directives.

The Senate has approved the ban on explicit advertisements for drugs on radio and television, and a total ban on advertising for medicinal products subject to prescription a month ago. The Senate was the decisional chamber, after the Chamber of Deputies adopted the bill by tacit decision.

President Iohannis claims the law is in disagreement with the European regulation, while also criticizing the draft’s discriminating character, considering it still allows the advertising of the drugs on other supports than on TV or radio.

In the reexamination request, Klaus Iohannis shows there are European laws on the drug advertising which have been transposed in the national legislation, so that “on this matter the member states cannot adopt more restrictive or different norms.”

The head of state argues that the Parliament took over the European pattern by totally banning the advertising of drugs, so that the lawmakers cannot pass new drafts now.

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