President asks Gov’t to reconsider agreement between Police and Church on Easter

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President Klaus Iohannis has asked the Government to reconsider the agreement concluded between the Interior Ministry and the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) on distribution of the holy light to believers’ houses on Easter night.

The agreement said that policemen will help priests distribute the holy light to believers on Easter night.

The head of state argued that it is not time for relaxation at this point.

It’s regrettable to notice that, in our life, in our public life, the best intentions are prompting complication most of the times. So it happens with a so-called agreement concluded between the Interior Ministry and the Romanian Orthodox Church. The intentions are probably very good, but it is not completely understood what is the purpose of this measure. Many Romanians have understood that it’s case we get more relaxed. It is not the case to get relaxed yet! And the explanations that have been given were too optimistic (…) I will ask PM Orban and Interior Minister to reconsider this agreement, to find, if they want, another formula that observes the <Stay home> principle, which is perfectly fitting into the requirements of the last decree that is extending the state of emergency”, President Iohannis stated.

Stay home, otherwise, after Easter celebrations, we’ll have funerals“, he warned.

BOR’s retort

BOR spokesperson, Vasile Bănescu, has retorted that the agreement of the Patriarchy with the Interior Ministry had been “an official, public and inter-institutional one”, saying that “it is not the Church that is taking decisions, but it is only observing them”.

Previously, Vasile Bănescu said that the agreement is “in compliance with all rules of the state of emergency, to the letter”, stressing that Romania is a country built on the Christianity values, but it is “neither Christianpath nor Christianphobe”.

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