President assures that no general lockdown will be enforced after Dec. 6 election

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President Klaus Iohannis has assured in a press conference on Wednesday evening that Romania will not enter any national lockdown after the general election due on December 6, arguing that measures of local quarantine have produced effects in the localities where the number of COVID-19 cases had exploded.

“Let’s be clear, there is no lockdown intention after elections”, the head of state underlined.

“I  don’t intend to promote the enforcement of a national lockdown after the parliamentary elections of December 6. I repeat this because there are some unscrupulous politicians who are trying to get a high profile by promoting scoops”, he argued.

The Romanian President said that as of 20 November onward there has been a downward trend in the evolution of infections with the novel coronavirus, amid regional quarantine measures.

We have carefully analysed the measures on zonal quarantine and in this regard we have requested INSP (the National Public Health Institute) an analysis on the evolution of the epidemic in the quarantined cities and municipalities. The data provided reveal, first of all, that from 20 November there has been a downward trend in the evolution of infections, which is reflected in the number of weekly cases, as well as in the daily average of the number of cases and the degree of positivity,” Klaus Iohannis told journalists.

Presenting an analysis of the situation on the evolution of the epidemic in the quarantined cities, Iohannis pointed out that (the epidemic) had reached a certain level and there is a decreasing trend.

“There is concrete evidence that the measures taken by the authorities were correct and that the population observed these measures, which gives us reasons for optimism. It’s a start. We haven’t beat the virus yet. The measures remain in force,” the head of state stressed.

According to him, the regional quarantine will be imposed where the situation requires it.

Iohannis also said that the coronavirus testing capacity remained unchanged this month at around 50,000 tests per day, as the upper limit has been reached, and that the limitation is dubbed by the lack of equipment and specialized personnel.

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