President breaks the ground for joining electoral campaign


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 Traian Basescu stands by Elena Udrea, says Ponta and Iohannis are no good.

President Traian Basescu got closer to the electoral campaign on Monday when told a press conference at Cotroceni Palace that he would not support either Victor Ponta or Klaus Iohannis for Presidency race, but would abide by Elena Udrea’s candidacy. “PSD says I have an agreement with Iohannis. PSD and all its agitators, ACL with all its agitators, unfortunately pretended right-wing followers, enlisted on this belt, although some of them have made the best of their way to be tender of Ponta, to convey the message that the President has an agreement with Ponta. I’ll let both of them down, I shall nor support Ponta or Iohannis and I have no agreement with either of them”, Basescu said. “The reason is the same for both of them: they are liar and corrupt, both of them”, the head of state continued, also labeling them as “opportunist”.

Traian Basescu said PM Ponta lied when writing in his CV he has a master degree in Italy or a doctor’s degree. “He is a plagiarist. Mr. Ponta is corrupt as he tried to give a law for the Rompetrol jobbery with KazMunaiGaz”, Basescu pointed out, also condemning the PM for ‘the attempt of releasing 2,800 land hectare from the Agrarian Academy’ and for ‘the attempt of favouring Gruia Stoica in CFR Marfa privatization. The President also accused Ponta he is bribing the voters. “ (…) Romania has a 22 per cent deficit from the GDP this year, meaning around EUR 3.4 billion. Mr. Ponta is giving away electoral doles from borrowed money. So, let’s get it straight! 2,4 billions which have been allotted to city halls and the rest up to 4.8 billions he is misspending on various electoral gifts, there are money that Romania is borrowing and each Romanian citizen will pay for them. The entire population is paying for Ponta’ s campaign”, Basescu said.

As for the Liberal candidate, Klaus Iohannis, Basescu reported him as “a false right-wing democrat” for ‘he was hand in glove with Ponta, Antonescu and Voiculescu to impeach the President back in the summer of 2012’. The head of state also reminded Iohannis has “an unsolved integrity lawsuit”. “How can he afford to risk all Right’s chances? This proves Iohannis’ fierce opportunism and is another reason for not ever striking any bargain with Iohannis”, Basescu argued. He also rejected some agitators’ statements that it is Basescu’s fault that Iohannis is not more visible. “Iohannis is not visible because he is invisible and because he is an opportunist who wants to wear a hat that has already fallen and covered his eyes”, he also said. In retort, Iohannis stated late last night that if Basescu launched some accusations, it doesn’t mean they are true. “That’ s why I’m going in for another sort of politics. I am tired of this eternal useless row”, Iohannis said.

In the President’s view, the candidates and their staff should debate serious matters for Romania. Basescu said if ran for Presidency now he would talk about U.S. strategic partnership, about the defence budget, the cohesion funds expenditure, or relation with Ukraine.

“Romanians will go ill with one of two men winning the presidential elections. I come and clearly sound the alarm. Of course, Romanians will decide, but they have to know what their options are”, Basescu said, pointing out he will keep supporting Elena Udrea for Presidency, as “she is an honest person, who is not lying and who did a great job as a minister”. Asked if he is not breaking the Constitution by proclaiming support for Udrea, the President answered he had the right to speak. “I also have the right to talk, I have an option (…) and I can tell my opinion to other, as you, mass media, do. I told you today, flags behind me, that neither Ponta nor Iohannis are a solution for Romania and Romanians will deeply regret a few months after elections if one of them becomes President”, Basescu concluded.

‘Others are more suitable for Presidency, but they do not run’

Later on, while at Realitatea TV, President Basescu however suggested that Elena Udrea is not the best solution, but she is far better that Ponta and Iohannis. Replying to a question, he said there are other suitable persons for Romania, but they do not run for Presidency, without nominating. Basescu somehow reproached Udrea with “a slight nationalism”.

On the other hand, the head of state lashed out at his former supporters, such as Alina Mungiu Pippidi and Cristian Preda, accusing them of hungering for eligible seats in the European Parliament, saying “culture does not always implies spirit”.

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