President: Digitisation should be Romania’s top priority, but our Gov’t had other priorities like the attack on the rule of law

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President Klaus Iohannis has slammed the Social Democrat Government again on Tuesday during an event to launch the Romania TechNational project, stating that Romania’s digitisation should be the top priority of any government, but the Romanian Executive has been preoccupied with other priorities such as to promote imposture, to take over the laws and institutions and to attack the rule of law.

While praising the IT sector, the head of state has criticised the Government also for “going on the wrong way as against the expectations of the Romanian society”.

In a normal country, the technological innovation must be looked like a spearhead in the economy and society growth, both through the established leaders and also through the companies that recently entered the market.

The state’s digital transformation is not only about digitisation, but about the deep transformation of the institutions, through efficiency, integrity and transparency”, President Iohannis pointed out.

“In this regard, the current ruling has gone on the wrong way against the expectations of the Romanian society, proving it is a parallel ruling with the needs of modernization of a European society”, he added.

According to the President, the IT&C industry has reached 6% of the GDP in the pas decade, mounting to EUR 4.5 billion, while the human capital encompasses over 140,000 IT experts.

He argued that despite this asset, Romania unfortunately has the lowest performance on digital public services in the EU and a major digital gaps between urban and rural areas.

“More than one fifth of Romanians has never used the Internet and less than a third has only elementary digital competences”, Iohannis said.

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