President: EU funds in the Resilience Plan prioritized for creating jobs and the health, education sectors

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President Klaus Iohannis has announced in a press conference on Wednesday after a series of meetings with the members of the government that Romania will send “a coherent plan” to attract EU funds for the Resilience  to the EC by April. The EU money envisaged in the Resilience Plan will be directed to investments in hospitals, schools and jobs, the head of state said.

“There are huge opportunities and we want to use this money for more levels”, the President argued.

A first sector that needs funds is the healthcare. “Significant investments are needed in the Romanian hospitals, in the public healthcare system. Recent tragedies must never happen again. Investments need to be done in new hospitals, and to make the existing hospitals safer for patients”, Iohannis pointed out.

The vaccination campaign is going very well, according to the President. “We rank among the first in Europe and we’ll have these days the 1 millionth person to be vaccinated. The pace is increasing from one week to another and we hope to get out of the pandemic soon.”

The head of state added that another issue is the one related to jobs. “Many Romanians have already lost their jobs and some are in danger now. It is vital for us to develop mechanisms to create new jobs”, Iohannis said.

He underlined that investments must also go to schools. “The education system needs a lot of money. Many investments need to be done to have authorized schools, to remove all “courtyard” toilets or heating systems based on stoves, we need new, green schools”.

The Romanian president also mentioned that the country needs serious sustainable programmed for a healthy environment, such as forestation programmes.

“We are focused on these topics and we’ll have a national coherent plan by April to be sent to the European Commission and we’ll start implementing as soon as we have the approvals,” Iohannis added.

Through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Romania can access EU grants and loans worth EUR 30 billion.

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