President gives first explanations on accepting PM Tudose


President Klaus Iohannis has said on Tuesday that that plagiarism charges against PM Mihai Tudose don’t conflict with the integrity principles he had voiced before the nomination. Iohannis said that it’s not his government and if the plagiarism suspicions confirm, then PSD and ALDE will have to take action.

If such accusations prove to be true, then it’s not me who must solve the problem, but the ones who proposed Mihai Tudose. I presume that, if the accusations confirm, the consequences will follow, too,” the head of state said when asked about plagiarism suspicions hovering over the new prime minister.

He added that PSD and ALDE have the majority in Parliament. “During consultations, this majority has proposed one person, I accepted. It’s not my proposal. It’s PSD proposal and PSD is fully responsible of Mr. prime minister Tudose’s performance, and Mr. Tudose as private person is answering of his own activity before being a prime minister,” Iohannis argued, stressing that it’s not “his government”.

Asked about the amended ruling programme on the solidarity tax or the tax on turnover, Klaus Iohannis said he had a pretty colored language at the swearing-in speech.

I wouldn’t repeat those things, but I think they rushed a little bit and a wide discussion is needed with all those affected to change the paradigm on taxation. We cannot change things over night by any means, for it has been decided somewhere at the party centre. It’s neither simple nor opportune. But all in all, the premier showed skepticism to these amendments,” Iohannis concluded.

The Mihai Tudose cabinet was voted by the Parliament on Thursday. President Klaus Iohannis was rather critical on the newly invested government and to the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition during the swearing-in ceremony.

We see tax changes, new issues, from wage increases to solidarity tax – such behaviour bring along doubts to the business environment. Put an end to this fiscal-budgetary hopping!” the head of state said back then.

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