President: Gov’t proves lack of responsibility and vision, must end taxation experiments. Iohannis asks Executive to come up with realistic budget

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President Klaus Iohannis has launched a new attack against the Government on Tuesday day during the reception organized by the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Palace of Parliament, denouncing that the latest government measures prove a serious lack of responsibility, seriousness and vision regarding our economy on medium and long term.

“I would like Romania to have a healthy economy, to be a well-governed country where today’s benefits are not wasted tomorrow, and the measures taken today don’t pawn the future of the next generations. Unfortunately,some recent governmental measures  prove a serious lack of responsibility, seriousness and vision on the long-term and medium course of our economy. I have seen how, without consultations and minimum impact assessments, the Government has changed the taxation system for some of the most important sectors. Probably without the new fees and taxes introduced by the Government Emergency Ordinance 114, which however the government members have constantly denied, the budget for the current year would have felt constraints. By the measures taken in the last days of last year, the last shade of confidence investors could have had in the current economic policy was lost, too,” the head of state said at the reception organised by the Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Palace of Parliament.

He asked the Government to “cease the taxation experiments” and to respond to the real problems that the business environment is signalling.

Iohannis also urged the Executive to come up with a realistic budget for 2019 and to have another look “on the tax revenue line”. The head of state added that PSD is looking for “the scapegoats”, “blaming other multinational companies or the National Bank” to hide the incompetence of its ministers and the lack of solutions to the Romanians’ needs.

The President pointed out that, as against 2016, the tax revenues share in the GDP is on decline, with the revenues cashed in 2018 being “by RON 2.6 billion below the initial level scheduled by the Budget law”.

At the same time, Iohannis accused that the European funds are again “like a Cinderella”, with the Government absorbing about 20% less than its own assumed target. He argued that investments needed for the development of the country are thus neglected.

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