President has made a new call on Romanians abroad not to come home for Easter

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President Klaus Iohannis has made a new call on the Romanian living abroad not to come home for Easter this year due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Iohannis argued that Romania has entered the toughest stage of the crisis in the past days, with the death toll exceeding 100- namely 116 cases so far and that critical weeks are ahead.
He explained that the only way to protect ourselves is to stay home and respect the isolation rules.

“It’s essential to be all aware that hard times are coming, of intense emotions, which will put out solidarity and unity to test.

We already have 116 dead. 116 of our fellow citizens have lost their lives to this virus. How many victims will the epidemic claim? We don’t know! But we definitely know that it’s up to us to have as less victims as possible”, the head of state underlined.

Iohannis added that if we don’t strictly respect the measures imposed by the authorities, there will be more and more loss of life, while critical cases that need intensive medical treatment will multiply.


The President said that Easter is coming, “a celebration of light, solidarity, kindness and communion”, yet this year “the Resurrection of Christ finds the humankind in a deep crisis, in full epidemic caused by a deadly virus”.

“I launch a call to the Romanians in Diaspora, a necessary call, which is yet making me very sad: my dear ones, don’t come home for Easter this year. It’s very important to understand that, no matter how hard it is, returning to Romania, within the family, can be extremely dangerous both for you and also for the beloved ones.

This year we’ll be able to be next to our beloved remotely, for it is the only way we can express our affection without jeopardizing the health and life or the ones we love. We’ll make painful sacrifices today in order to be together later on“, the Presidents pointed out.

He added: “It’s a real drama for the believers to not be able to go to church for the Easter Celebrations, but have trust, this difficult time will pass and we’ll be reunited in our churches with even more faith.”

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