President hints at rejecting Nicolicea as JusMin. “Intended reshuffle to strengthen the attack against Justice”

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President Klaus Iohannis has announced on Thursday that he would send an answer to the prime minister’s request to replace Justice Minister Tudorel Toader by Eugen Nicolicea next week, arguing that his first impression after receiving the revocation and appointment requests is that the governmental reshuffle is under way for things to get worse.

By attacking PSD again, saying “it is preparing a reshuffle to actually strengthen the attack against justice”, the head of state suggests he will reject Eugen Nicolicea as the new justice minister.

“While receiving those letters with the proposals to revoke and appoint new minister, I asked myself what is the intention of this reshuffle. Usually, a reshuffle is made in order to make the government better, more efficient. My first impression is that this government reshuffle is being made so that things should get worse. This is inadmissible. I will say more about that early next week (…),” president Iohannis stated.

He argued that, although any dismissal or resignation of a minister falls under the prime minister’s constitutional decision, he cannot just sign some documents without “evaluating the consequences”.

Iohannis further said that things “begin to take a sad shape”, for, while he was calling a referendum on Justice, “PSD is preparing a government reshuffle that would intend to strengthen the assault on the justice.” “This cannot be a good omen”.

The head of state also stated he had not talked with Tudorel Toader and that he does not intend that either, avoiding to comment on the possibility of a government restructuring.

Klaus Iohannishas made these statements during the welcoming ceremony for the new magistrates who have graduated the National Institute of Magistracy.

The President told the magistrate graduates that they are stepping into this profession at a moment when the judiciary system is facing an increased legislative instability, with amendments conflicting with the rule of law values.

“The situation must not discourage you though (…) I advise you to step forward in the future with confidence. I strongly believe that Romania needs you and the principles you have embraced by choosing this profession,” Iohannis told young magistrates.

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