President hopes for new government as of next week

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President Klaus Iohannis has launched new criticism against the PSD ruling this morning during the “GoTech World” conference held in Bucharest, underlining that stability and predictability are needed to develop a healthy business environment.

However he stated that, “unfortunately, predictability is precisely that has been missing all this time”.

The Romanian president has voiced hope that the censure motion passes and a new government “will come as of next week”.

“For the upcoming years, I consider that endorsing the digital sector must be a top priority on the agenda of any government, which I hope will come after next week. Predictability is a must for any responsible governance, but, as we’ve seen in the past years, we had all but predictability. I shall not insist on the mess generated by PSD in the essential sectors of the national economy and neither on this party’s inability to understand that the administration must support the business environment and not destroy its hope and perspective. I have been and I will always be a promoter of an authentic market economy and of a responsible governance”, President Iohannis said in his speech.

He pointed out that the digital sector “is the greatest revelation of the domestic economy”, arguing that the IT&C industry has reached 6% of the GDP in Romania in the past decade.

“We have a human capital of over 140,000 IT experts and a current value of around EUR 4.5 billion of the domestic niche market”, the head of state stressed, while adding that the Artificial Intelligence and the 3D technology have opened new perspectives within industry, transports, energy and agriculture and that these trends “will increase the pressure for Romania’s modernization”.

Iohannis has also announced that the Presidency has provided the High Patronage for a new project “Romania TechNation”, meant to boost Romania’s transformation through technology, which will kick off next week.

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