President, Interior minister react in Sosoaca Rai Uno scandal


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Romanian top officials reacted to the Sosoaca Rai Uno scandal. President Klaus Iohannis described as “absolutely unfortunate” the fact that journalist Lucia Goracci was assaulted by the Șoșoacă family. He demanded that thorough checks are carried out so that such incidents, which “until now would have been unimaginable”, would not happen again.

“It is an absolutely  unfortunate incident. We must be very clear, sequestering people is sanctioned according to the law in Romania as well. I don’t want to pre-empt myself. Absolutely all the competent authorities must verify what happened and how it was intervened, they must do their duty up to the end, after which I will certainly wait for the necessary conclusions. There may have been mistakes in the approach, but I cannot comment on these actions. I ask for thorough checks so that I do not have such an incident once again, which is absolutely unfortunate and, to be honest, it would have been unimaginable so far, “said Klaus Iohannis.

The Minister of Interior Lucian Bode also commented the case in which Diana Șoșoacă, her husband and the Italian journalists were involved, saying from his point of view the policemen acted correctly. Bode said that he is also dissatisfied that the person who assaulted a policeman is still at large, referring to the senator’s husband, Dumitru-Silvestru Șoșoacă.

“This is the first public statement I make on this subject. From my point of view, the police intervened correctly, they followed the procedures. They arrived at the scene in less than 4 minutes, immediately proceeded to settle the conflict, and according to legal procedures invited the people involved to the police station (…)

There are two dissatisfied parties – the Italian journalist about how she was treated. The other party is also dissatisfied because we would not have reacted as they would have liked in relation to the journalists. I am dissatisfied that a policeman who participated was pushed, put his hand on his neck, and the one who indulged in such acts is at large. We have two criminal records. I trust the institutions, in the collaboration between the institutions from Romania and from Italy, which is a high level one, and I trust that at the end of the investigation everyone will be held accountable “, said Lucian Bode.

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