President Iohannis: 3,065 intensive care beds available in Romanian hospitals

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3,065 intensive care beds are currently available to all patients countrywide, said Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in a press conference on Tuesday evening.

According to reports in the ICU sections, we currently have 3,065 intensive care beds for all patients, not just COVID-19, 2,252 mechanical ventilators, 2,756 monitors and a whole range of equipment purchased with various sources of funding, plus 5 mobile intensive care units, 2 modular hospitals and a 169-bed ICU module,” said the president after a meeting he had with the healthcare authorities to evaluate and present the measures on the management of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Yet, the Romanian head of state warned that these measures taken by the authorities are not enough to stop the spread of the virus, but also the people’s involvement is needed.

Iohannis has praised the actions taken by the Government and by the Health Ministry to expand the capacity of treatment for Covid patients who are in serious condition and exemplified with the ICU ventilators where the capacity has increased by 73% from April to October, with another 15% to be added till December.

Practically, the capacity on ventilators has doubled since the beginning of pandemic,” the President said, adding that in Bucharest “we’ll have another extra 123 intensive care beds in the upcoming 10 days”.

“Yet, no matter how many actions the authorities would take, they will not be enough if we all are not part of this national effort to save as many lives as possible”, he stated.

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