President Iohannis advances time frame for early elections


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President Klaus Iohannis has advanced for the first time a possible time frame for early elections, saying it would be very good to hold them in the spring next year, adding he will consult with all political leaders. Yet he mentioned that he doesn’t expect PSD to agree the snap elections.

“I will talk to all the political leaders. I have always discussed with all the political leaders, because at the top of the state it does not matter whether you like someone or not, I want to do politics to prompt sume results,” President Iohannis said at Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

“PSD has always disagreed with what I or PNL [the National Liberal Party] have said, I do not expect them to be friendly all of a sudden now, nor do I count on them. The PSD has been drastically sanctioned by the electorate. If they have understood something from here, that’s good. If not, we will continue with or without them,” said Iohannis at the end of CSAT meeting on Wednesday.

Who is the new Army Chief?

The CSAT meeting has also Okayed the appointment of a new Army chief, general lieutenant Daniel Petrescu, whom President Iohannis described as “a respected, eminent military.”

The CSAT  has also approved the government’s proposal to buy five more F16s.

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