President Iohannis announces candidature for second term at Cotroceni

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While in Sibiu on Saturday, President Klaus Iohannis has announced he would run for a second time for Romania’s Presidency.

I have taken an important decision, and I want to announce it now, on this beautiful morning. I am firmly determined to run for a new mandate as Romania’s President,” Klaus Iohannis said at the “Samuel von Brukenthal” National College in Sibiu, before ‘attending the 40-year high-school reunion with his former classmates. Klaus Iohannis also worked as a teacher of Physics here.

He argued he had decided to announce his candidature now for he saw that opinion polls showed the high level of discontent among Romanians regarding the political class and the direction towards the country is heading.

The Romanian political scene has entered a pretty troubled stage. The evolution is not satisfactory and I have monitored several opinion polls in the past months, they all reveal that the population’s level of discontent is over 80%, which is extremely high, and practically proves that people do not trust the political class anymore. They don’t even expect something good from politicians. In this context, I considered that my announcement can represent an interesting point, maybe some will be encouraged to go on if I make this announcement, others will not get well this announcement. Anyway, I believed a clarification of of my intentions is needed down the line,” Iohannis pointed out.

Asked who might not be happy about his new candidature, the head of state replied: “I think PSD is not happy“.

Also questioned about a potential suspension from office, Iohannis said he is not afraid of any suspension.

“I have never taken any decision for I fear a suspension or not. The decisions I am taking are the ones that I consider fair and good for Romania. If we discuss about suspension more specifically, one, there is no reason for suspension, second, there is anyone to carry out the suspension,” he stressed.

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