President Iohannis announces two topics for the referendum on May 26: banning amnesty and pardon for corruption deeds and banning GEOs on criminal offenses


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President Klaus Iohannis has announced in a press conference on Thursday that he had sent the Parliament a letter regarding the two topics to be subject of consultation at the referendum on justice announced for May 26.

The first topic is to ban amnesty and pardon for corruption deeds. The second one is to ban the Government from adopting emergency ordinances on criminal offenses, linked to the right of other authorities to notify the Constitutional Court on ordinances.

Citizens will have to decide if convicted people should have their convictions’ effects erased and if they want the Government to adopt GEOs on sensitive issues such as the organisation of the judiciary system and criminal laws,” said the head of state.

Romanians showed that they do not accept corruption and theft from public money! The more these deeds are unacceptable when they are committed precisely by those elected by the citizens to defend their interests and public funds!

Yes! Zero tolerance for the corruption by banning amnesty and pardon for these deeds represents the best way, the right way to continue the fight against corruption, but, at the same time, it is also a guarantee of the integrity in exerting public offices.

Iohannis said that what is happening in the current PSD ruling is unprecedented. “For more than two years we have been witnessing a permanent assault on the judiciary, carried through the emergency ordinances. This assault has always involved the assessment of the chances, preparing the means and finding the right time to act, thus perverting and hijacking a constitutional mechanism that the Romanian society must re-think.”

The head of state argued that the society is tired to follow if the rulers adopted one more GEO and is living in fear every day when a government sitting is announced, with no information about the real agenda.

„As the ordinances produce their effects immediately and on criminal matters they have also effect for the past and can be directly challenged to the Constitutional Court only by the Ombudsman, it is time that citizens decide if other constitutional authorities have also the right to refer to the CCR to stop the effects of the unconstitutional ordinances”.

„I personally consider that, if CSM or the High Court of Cassation and Justice had had the possibility to challenge the ordinances to the Constitutional Court, we would have come to this!

The Romanian President reiterated that „PSD’s amendments on the justice laws have been harshly criticised by the European institutions, and the adoption of new GEOs on criminal matters, which in fact are concealed amnesties, will have very serious consequences over Romanian’s statute within EU.

Iohannis also said that the imminence of some new GEOs to amend criminal codes are at issue these days. „The Social Democrats have so many criminal problems so that they seem willing to risk even Romania’s stability just to whiten their files. It would be no surprise they adopt a special GEO that the X politician is correct. That would be the last straw!

I urge the Government one more time to stop any intention to adopt any emergency ordinance on judiciary and criminal law. The referendum is in the homestretch, so any such ordinance would be illegitimate and a defiance against Romanians. The sovereign will of the people is best voiced through a referendum! Dear Romanians, I wait for you for the referendum on May 26!” the President concluded.

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