President Iohannis asks Romanians from Diaspora not to come to Romania for Easter, urges doctors to get ready for more cases

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During the videoconference with PM, ministers, prefects on Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis has asked Romanians from Diaspora not to return to the country for Easter holidays, in order to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

“Easter is coming. I have one thing to say about the Romanians living and working abroad. I have to sadly, but honestly tell them not to come home this year for Easter. Citizens cannot move in Europe anymore. It’s very, very complicated. And if, however, they are coming to Romania, according to the provisions in force, they must go directly under quarantine or in isolation, from one case to another. And then, what’s the point in coming after all? to enter quarantine or isolation for at least 2 weeks?, the head of state said, urging authorities to send this message “on all channels”.

Romanians from Diaspora are dear to us all. We would like to see them, to be together, but this year it cannot be possible for Easter. It’s sad, but we must be honest so that we do not create false expectations”, Iohannis added.

At the same time, the Romanian President told the local administration authorities to be ready for the upcoming situations, for the number of coronavirus cases will increase.

Klaus Iohannis has also has a call to the medical staff. “We don’t want to reach a deep crisis. It must be prevented! We must prevent the spread of this disease”.

He also called on the public health directions to take their job very seriously, while telling doctors to get ready for worse.

“I tell the hospital staff: you all, get ready! It’s very important that all hospitals are prepared for patients, even if today, fortunately, we don’t have so many patients yet”.

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