President Iohannis’ attempt to talk to protesters in front of Cotroceni Palace failed

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President Klaus Iohannis came out in the middle of the protesters in front of the Cotroceni Palace on Wednesday evening to talk to them, but this opponents denied any dialogue with the head of state and booed him. Around 150 people joined the pro-PSD rally in front of the presidential palace. Subsequently, the President posted on Facebook that he wanted to exert his mandate as a president and “to listen the voice of all Romanians, regardless of their options”.

“I came to talk to the people who have been protesting in front of the Cotroceni Palace for several days. I understand to exert my mandate as president by listening to the voice of all Romanians, regardless of their options. It’s absolutely natural to have different opinions and stances and it’s the right of every citizen to voice his convictions in a peaceful, civilized way,” Iohannis posted on Facebook in retort to the criticism.

People booed the President and asked for his resignation, accusing he has no normal behavior as head of state.

Klaus Iohannis asked them how he could make their life better, but people refused to dialogue.

“We are all Romanians!”, Iohannis told protesters. “Resignation!”, they replied.

The president returned to the Palace after several minutes of trying to establish a dialogue.

The Presidency’s employees wanted to offer hot tea to the protesters, but they turned it down.

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