President Iohannis attends electoral rally in Victoriei Square, slams PSD

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Attending the electoral rally staged by the National Liberal Party in Victoriei Square, Bucharest on Saturday, President Klaus Iohannis slammed the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD) and its leaders, arguing that „criminals have climbed at the top of the state” while launching a call for the citizens „to set Romania free” through the vote at the upcoming EP elections and for the referendum on Justice, both due on next Sunday, on May 26.

The Romanian head of state reminded about the EU informal Summit in Sibiu on May 9, which „was successful” and brought all European leaders to Romania. „They all came and I understood then that Romanians do matter for them, for the entire Europe,” said Iohannis, adding that we all know who missed the summit and who doesn’t matter for Europe. „In Europe PSD does not matter for they proved they cannot do anything! The Social Democrats came to rule with pledges, big promises, promised the world, but I ask them, now, that their mandate is ending and I hope their end is coming: Where are the promised hospitals? Where are the promised highways? Zero! Where is the promised welfare? Zero!”.

The Romanian President told the audience that people stood united against GEO 13 in this square and that PSD has been interested only in their men fright from the beginning. „PSD came to rule not to solve Romanians’ problems, PSD is only interested in Dragnea’s well-being”, he argued.

They have been working in the past two years to kneel the judiciary. This cannot be accepted anymore! We lose everything if we lose the independence of justice. We’ll eventually get to disaster through the PSD policy and somebody will pay the bill, and it will not be them. Romanians will be the ones to pay! This catastrophe representing the PSD ruling will be felt in your pocket. We’ll all pay for this failed governance. Criminals have climbed at the top of the state. Shame on them! I, Romania’s President, call on you to come to polls to the referendum! Set Romania free!”, Klaus Iohannis said.

Give a strong, clear, firm answer to this failed PSD government. Set Romania free! I wait for you to vote on May 26. For Romania, for the future of Romania, to vote!” the head of state pointed out.

He also stated that PNL has “the best team with the best candidates”. “In order to be well represented in Europe we need this strong team, who will win the elections to the European Parliament,” the president said.

The Revolution is not over yet, and this year we have the holly mission to conclude the revolution to to render Romania to free Romanians”, said Ludovic Orban, PNL chairman in his turn.

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