President Iohannis attends the European Council on Thursday and Friday

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A Presidential administration release informs that President Klaus Iohannis will attend the European Council works, which is to discuss the negotiations regarding the next EU budget after 2020, issues related to the Union’s internal market, the management of migration, combating climate changes and the fight against racism and xenophobia.

“In regard to the next budget of the EU, the Romanian President will plead for its adoption as soon as possible, adding that, as EU Council presidency holder, Romania will act for achieving significant progress in negotiations,” the release reads.

The Romanian head of state is to support the EU Member States efforts on the foreign dimension of migration and an active involvement in the dialogue with foreign partners, the countries of origin and of transit, on the basis of the traditional relations with these states, in view of an effective approach of the phenomenon.

The President will support the efforts to consolidate the European Union internal market, with Romania promoting, as EU Council Presidency-holder, the steps meant to contribute to the development of the carrying into effect of the strategy in the field.

On Friday, Klaus Iohannis, will attend the Euro Summit in extended format, during which he will reiterate Romania’s support for the consolidation of the Economic and Monetary Union.

The President will stress that the decisions aiming at the consolidation of the Eurozone are very important for the EU’s future and, consequently, will support the maintaining of these debates in an extended format, with the participation of all Member States, including those which are not part of the Eurozone, the Presidency release reads.

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