President Iohannis calls civil society for talks on a referendum for justice

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President Klaus Iohannis has called the representatives of the civil society for talks at Cotroceni Palace on Tuesday, to discuss the opportunity of calling a referendum on justice, Elena Calistru, member of Gunky Citizens NGO has announced.

“I received and accepted an invitation to attend the consultations of the President with a part of the NGOs on the opportunity of holding a referendum on justice. It is due at Cotroceni on Tuesday. So, I need your collective intelligence-how would you feel about this potential referendum being held at the same time with the European elections? Is it helpful or damaging? How should the question of the referendum look like?,” Calisttru posted on Facebook on Friday.

During a debate with the civil society on Tuesday, President Klaus Iohannis has stated that he “is almost determine” to call a referendum on the same day with the EP election, on May 26 and that an intense work on this topic is under way at the Presidential Administration.

More to follow…

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