President Iohannis calls for immediate dismissal of ministers of Interior, Foreign Affairs. Joint committee to be set up


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President Klaus Iohannis has called on Wednesday for the ‘immediate’ dismissal of the Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu (photo 2) and Interior Minister Carmen Dan (photo 3), for the problems citizens in Diaspora faced during the vote on Sunday.

The President mentioned twice ‘immediately’ adding that the two ministers have failed to submit their resignations of honour.

Teodor Melescanu, file photo

In a press statement as Cotroceni Palace, the head of state said “the entire organization was to inhibit the vote and not to encourage it. There were serious problems in many polling stations abroad. I’ve seen with great sadness and anger the images with Romanians waiting in endless lines. People went to the polls in the morning and voted in the evening.”

“Such problems must be urgently solved. I do not have confidence in the Government and so I will set up a joint committee to identify the major problems and to propose solutions to the Parliament, Government, the Permanent Electoral Authority,” Klaus Iohannis said.

The President said that the mentioned problems during the vote should have consequences and those responsible for the organization should pay with their positions.

President Iohannis has mentioned the “extraordinary good” result of the referendum for justice issues, “which brings Romania to the European normalcy” and stressed the result is “very positively” appreciated by the European leaders he met

Carmen Dan, file photo

on Tuesday in Brussels.

“It is a very great success due to you, dear Romanians. I was yesterday in Brussels for two important meetings and I can tell you many European leaders have very positively appreciated the referendum results. It is the first referendum in the EU that has succeeded, due to you, dear Romanians, and I have received the congratulations on behalf of Romanians. And I repeat, Romanians are important in Europe. Romania is,” President Iohannis said.

He mentioned that both questions in the referendum received the ‘Yes’ answer from 6.4 million Romanians.

‘No’ to proposed deputy PM Titus Corlatean

President Iohannis will not accept Titus Corlatean as deputy PM as proposed by PSD and premier Viorica Dancila. Corlatean was proposed to take the deputy PM seat to implement strategic partnerships.

Sources quoted by the mass media revealed that Iohannis won’t accept someone who was to blame for the poor organisation of the presidential elections in 2014 when he ran for Cotroceni.

Corlatean used to be foreign minister then in the Ponta Cabinet. Due to the similar problems during elections, when Romanians in Diaspora queued for hours to get to vote in the first round of the presidential elections, Corlatean resigned from office between the two rounds of elections. Later on, DNA prosecuted Titus Corlatean in this case, but the Senate rejected the anti-corruption prosecutors’ prosecution request.

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