President Iohannis calls for postponement of tax measures, says PSD makes counterproductive decisions against everyone

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President Klaus Iohannis has called on Monday for a significant postponement of the amendments to the tax framework, stressing that the deadline of January 1, 2018 is inopportune.

“We’ve seen already that besides the promoters, everyone is against these amendments. I believe that postponement is needed, as well as a founded study. In my opinion is inopportune to aim an implementation as of January 1, 2018,” President Iohannis said on Monday during the cities gathering at the Athenaeum Gala.

He reiterated that the amendments are a fiscal-budgetary hopping.

The head of state added he hasn’t had any more talks with PM Mihai Tudose.

Iohannis claims he would not call for consultations political leaders, regarding the finances and the amendments to the Tax Code.

“This mess should be solved by the ruling coalition,” he said, adding that the amendments to the tax legal framework are only ‘mending’, but is does more than that, is spoils things. “It would be interesting to be able to put an end to laws wrongly drawn up,” he said.

President Iohannis also has criticised PSD’s stance to go against everyone, saying this is ‘counterproductive’.

Besides the laws’ initiators, no one stands behind the draft bills and this should give reason to analyse, he said. “They should solve the problem by themselves,” Iohannis said.

In his view, the revenues of local administrations will fall and the communities should not pay for such fiscal-budgetary hopping. “We are looking at a wage law that wasn’t considered properly,” he added.

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose announced on Monday that the Government sitting is postponed till Wednesday. Tudose also said that the package of amendments to the Tax Code will not be discussed on Wednesday: “I don’t believe the transfer of social security contributions from employer to employee will be on the agenda.”

On the other hand, Finance Minister Ionut Misa said Monday afternoon that the emergency ordinance on the new tax provisions, including the transfer of the social security contributions from employer to employee will be on the agenda of the Government sitting on Wednesday.

Misa said he has had a discussion with PM Tudose, who in turn had talks at party level, and it was decided that the ordinance will be discussed by the cabinet on Wednesday.


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